Data Centers

Data Center

We Are Experienced with Data Centers

Customized Services has significant experience with providing cleaning services to clients who own data centers. We provide data center cleaning service in Catawba, Caldwell, Burke, and Alexander counties. We have long and trusted relationships with our clients because of the following:


We recognize that your data centers represent a significant investment of both finances and intellectual property. Therefore we continue to respect and work towards the confidentiality and intellectual property security of our clients. Our employees are familiar and compliant with necessary security measures and policies. Background checks are routinely performed for any new employees. The majority of our staff, however, are longtime trusted employees who meet our standard and will meet yours as well.

No Hassle Service

Having a clean center contributes to the overall health of the equipment just like fire suppression and temperature control. However, these are likely systems you would like to run smoothly in the background so you can focus on your main task at hand. That is where Customized Services comes in. We provide a straightforward, no hassle, and worry free experience. Once the contract has been written and the cleaning schedule outlined, we will provide reliable and thorough service that will protect the health of your equipment, thereby cutting costs and increasing the productivity of your company.